Fashion Week

Amsterdam makes recycling fashionable

Last week the 27th edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam took place. Sunday evening was all about Circular Fashion during ‘Amsterdam makes it count’. Six graduated designers presented their ‘Circular Fashion’ collection, a fashion collection made entirely out of used garments.

Make Amsterdam clean again! That is the goal of the newest awareness campaign of the municipality of Amsterdam. Since Amsterdam is getting even more busy, this is one of the top priorities for the city. The campaign is meant to make its residents more aware of how they can best recycle their waste. After all, the best way to keep the city clean is by getting all the residents to cooperate in several ways. One of the campaign’s objectives is to show how one can recycle textile. Therefore, discarded clothing was collected after multiple street markets during Kingsday, a Dutch national celebration on the 27th of April. Six graduated designers from both The Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute were selected to create a ‘Circular Fashion’ collection from the discarded clothing that was collected. During the process, the designers were coached by fashion designer Hans Ubbink,  and Niels Klavers (Gerrit Rietveld academy) and Peter Leferink (AMFI).

The Circular Fashion Collection

The fashion collection was shown during the ‘Amsterdam makes it count’ show at the Amsterdam FashionWeek, which was also, the kick-off of the awareness campaign. The six designers showed that great things can come from recycling and surprised the entire audience with the new items that they had designed. The biggest surprise of the show was the leather patchwork coat, designed by Marije Seijn. The leather coat was proclaimed one of the best items of the FashionWeek.